How to write a book review? Help.



Book review is a critical analysis, evaluation of unread books. Particular attention should be paid to the objectives and content of the book, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the book. In fact, there is no right way to write some reviews. Book review, primarily reflects the personal views of the reviewer, which can be expressed in a few words or several pages.

Here are the main points that are commonly found in a review.

    • 1. Describe the title, author, type of book characteristics.
    • 2.Clearly define the purpose of the author. Typically, the authors formulate its purpose in the preface.
    • 3. Answer about the following questions:-Why does the author wrote on this theme and not the other?

      – Estimate the relevance of the topic.

      -What is the overall genre of the book and the book fits into it?

      – Who is the target audience?

      -What is the writing style of the author? Evaluate the sequence, clarity, brevity, novelty. See table of contents, it will help you understand the main ideas of the author and their chronological sequence.

      -What book is it affected you?

      -Can you make in your life any idea of ​​the author&

      -Is there any personal experiences on this subject?

      -Would you recommend this book to other readers?

    • 4. Identify the theme and the thesis of the book. Theme is not always title. The thesis – synthesis, judgment, which the author argues throughout the book.

An example. Title: We will do it. Subject: marketing. Theme: Training of professional sales. Thesis: Professional Sales have for a long time to learn.

  • 5. Describe the method of disclosure of the thesis. Accompany your opinion references to the book. Typically, the authors use the following methods:- Description. The events that give specific details of the scene.

    -Narrative. Describes a series of events in chronological order. The main goal is to tell the story. -Exhibition. Just the facts about a subject or theme.

    – Argument. The author tries to convince the correctness of his opinions or statements.

Try to find more information about the author, his biography, reputation. Rate a graphical application, maps and illustrations. Summarize, comment the content.


Now you can write a book review by yourself. If you have any difficulties, we can help you with writing a book review.
The word “review” in Latin means considering. It can be a review of the book, or parsing the content. And the review is made not only in books but also in the movie, music or an article in a magazine. The main thing that it was a short but informative text.
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In order to write a review of a book, you need to read a lot, or you just can not describe correctly and clearly the idea. To get started is to read that book, which you are going to write. After all the information the author gives on the cover, is not sufficient to write quality reviews. And only after that you can start working. Let’s go over the points of the course of your actions, if you decide to write a review.

It is important to represent what you want to tell the readers of this book. Certainly during the reading you identified the key facts that just need to write.
As with all items you should start with the name. After all, the title – like clothing. Take on it. If you have got to make a headline that when read want to read further – consider half the work is done.
That is, imagine that the reader opens your review. What he sees after the title? Of course, the beginning of your review. It is not less important part. Indeed, in the main memory is what started and how over. On this part, too, need to think carefully.
If you take the responsibility to argue heroes or website, be sure to bring crisp, clear arguments. And if you want to share your impressions – do that. But it will be good if you obosnuete opinion.
Surely you’ll want to compare the book with any other work, you can safely do so. Just remember that all necessary measure.
Once you write a review, read it again. Of course, you will like it, but just in case, let it read your friends and family. You never know where you have gone too far with the view, and one seemingly innocent phrase will make your review rude. After peer review is a very important task. Depends on it, readers will choose the book or not.

Many new authors for review, tormented by the question: how to write a book review without errors and make it readable.

This question is also the answer. Most importantly, do not confuse the review with the retelling. A review is a review, it’s your personal opinion. So do not try to copy it from other authors. From this review of the meaning will be lost. And of course, do not forget about literacy. After all, if the reader will find at least one error in the review, in the subconscious, he may think that there are errors in the book. And it is not very desirable for the new item.

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