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How to write a book report?

Book reports and book reviews are similar. Reports are designed primarily to answer the question of what this book? What is this book in your understanding? This is something between the summary and commentary. One way to show that you have understood the book. Most teachers have their own requirements for the book report, but there are certain elements that always need to be in the report.

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Introduction. Summary of the report. Includes: name, author, year, number of pages, a summary (a few words about what the report).

Body. Usually consists of two parts. The first part explains what about this book. The second part describes your opinion about the book. Necessary to specify the main theme of the book, on which you then make conclusions. Be sure to highlight the main characters,  the tone of the presentation.  For the scientific literature, there are some differences. First, do not try make a conclusion on the whole book, it is better to select individual chapters that seem relevant and interesting. Briefly tell us about the author, to make important conclusions.

The analysis and conclusions. In this section you analyze the book, leave several critical words. The opinion need to  reinforce the examples. Describe the purpose of the book, writing style, strengths and weaknesses of the book. Evaluate the author’s qualifications, level of knowledge on the subject. Leave your recommendations to others.

Here you can express a general impression of the book or what other readers have to know.

As you can see, the whole process of writing a book report   get a lot of efforts. It takes time to read a book report and come up with ideas to make the right conclusions. Consult a professional book report helper. We will write for you a unique report in accordance with the precise requirements.

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